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Whether you are a First-time Homebuyer, trying to buy a rental property, or thinking about moving into a bigger property, you have come to the right place! 

Since 1999, Adriel has had the honor of helping over 1500 families plan their mortgages. Leveraging an extensive tax background from preparing over 2500 tax returns over his career as well, he specializes in looking at a mortgage as part of someone’s overall financial plan and managing the largest and most important debt they will have, not just a transaction.

His forte is having the ability to communicate with different demographics of people, and articulate complex financial matters in a way that would fit his audience best.  He has great peace in knowing that he does loans for people that are perfect for them and treats them like family.

Adriel is married to his wife Lorena of 20 years.  His three children are Ezra who is 16, Loren is 14, and Aliana is 11. He enjoys spending time with his kids at all the different activities because he knows that it is only for a short season of time. Individually, he enjoys playing chess, watching college basketball, and driving fast.

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