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Whether you are a First-time Homebuyer, trying to buy a rental property, or thinking about moving into a bigger property, you have come to the right place! 

Chelsea McCammack is an accomplished mortgage professional with over a decade of experience as a licensed tax preparer with over 1000 clients. Chelsea gained her interest in the mortgage lending industry by hearing home buying experiences that were less than par from her many tax clients over the years. She believed in creating a better experience for her clients and their friends and family by becoming a broker which gave her the opportunity to research multiple rates at one time to find the most affordable options for them.

Chelsea is more than dedicated to her clients and treats them as if they were her family. She makes sure they know they received the best and most affordable deal. She is truly transparent in every aspect of the purchase and doesn’t make any moves without informing the borrowers of exactly how it will affect their purchase.

If you’re looking for a lender that is in the business for you and who makes you feel confident in your purchase, Chelsea McCammack is the one for you. Reach out to Chelsea to ask any questions or to request more information about the process of purchasing your dream home today!

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