Manufactured Homes and the Requirements in California

Isra Ziade

Isra Ziade

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Mobile Home

Did you know that as of May of this year there are nearly 560,817 mobile homes in California, while 363,803 of them are active? Do you wish to buy one of the 197,014 manufactured homes in California? Then you must first get familiar with the requirements and regulations. And we will precisely focus on that in today’s post. 

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Mobile Homes

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are considered economical alternatives. These are growing massively popular in the Golden State. But like any other investment, buying a mobile home needs prior research. So, let us help you navigate through the requirements of purchasing a mobile home in California:

  • You may apply for a home loan (mortgage) if you choose to purchase the mobile home fixed to a plot of land. You will need the services of a real estate agent.
  • You’ll have to register the house with the state and city annually if you choose to purchase your mobile home as a vehicle. Also, you will need to have the title to the manufactured home.
  • You must pay in cash for your mobile homes as most banks don’t finance mobile homes. Unless, you are able to arrange with a bank.
  • You must conform to the California Code of Regulations as a mobile homeowner. There are numerous regulations but below are some of the most important ones.
Mobile Home

Additional Points to Remember about Mobile Home

We all know a traditional home gets inspected inside out. You must also vitally understand  that the exterior and interior of your mobile home must be crucially  inspected the same. This is to ensure the safety of your family members. Therefore, you must comply with the local laws that dictate the foundation requirements for manufactured homes. Additionally, keep the county codes in consideration to dictate the height of the entry and exit doorways. Besides this, check the surrounding areas for power lines and anything that otherwise could become hazardous.

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